Trudeau's Fun Family Pictures

    ...featuring Margaret, Pierre and Justin Trudeau

see as Canada turns at...

24 Sussex Dr Ottawa, ON K1M 1M4, Canada

$$ 15 Million in upgrades coming soon

Justin Trudeau = "Juste un Trou d'eau"

Just like a big old boat. C'est une hole in the water that you throw money into.




Merry Christmas, born on the 25th of December 

Elected PM October 19th, 2015



Canada needs another Trudeau as Prime Minister, like Putin needs a third and fourth set of balls-skis

Putin will just piddle himself with Vodka  joy if Justin is the Prime Minister in 2015 with Obama still President.

What did George Bush say ?  " Fool me once, shame on, NO same on me, no me you the same, and a HEHEHEH poop poop a doopy ?..."

Now in all fairness Justin Trudeau would have to smoke one beaucoup load of Pot to screw up as bad as a George Bush :)

BUT, the little smelly Canadian Beaver,  has faith...

A Political Dynasty? or simply a page full of useful idiots for Left Footers

P Ueeeuuuuwwww ...

A Beaver Tail Production Featuring Margaret Trudeau

and her BP Double

A Really useful Idiot #3

BP1   BP2


Over time, the marriage disintegrated to the point that, as recounted in her book, Margaret had an affair with U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy. She also had an affair with Ronnie Wood [Rolling with the rolling Stones]. Trudeau won custody of the children and did not pay any spousal support. Margaret had a difficult time earning a living after her marriage. She wrote the book Beyond Reason about her marriage.




[2nd in line for the Stupid Throne only because he's dead]


...Nor is there truth to the theory that Trudeau possessed any original political ideas. He was a run-of-the-mill 1960s social democrat who wanted big government, the nanny-, know-it-all-state, high taxes, and the confiscation of income from those who had earned it for redistribution to those who had not in exchange for their votes (far beyond what could be justified by the acquisition of votes for federalism in Quebec, where the money transfer was also largely from the non-French to the French)...




Trudeau openly admired how the Soviets built the Siberian city of Norilsk, lamenting that no comparable Canadian city existed. It was a Soviet dissident who reminded Trudeau that Norilsk had been built by prisoners.


...When visiting the Soviet Union in May 1971, Trudeau gained favour by reminding them that he had reduced Canadian troops in Europe by 50%. When he cut our NATO commitment he told our somewhat distraught allies the reduction would not be noticed by the Soviets, so perhaps he felt the need to draw it to their attention....


Cool Trudeau Links;

HOW Trudeau tried to SCREW the IRANIAN US Hostages





And the King is


Justin Trudeau himself :)


Number 1

on the Stupid Parade

The Idiot in Waiting



NUMBER 1-B is little Sophie.

Justin's little PP holder


A future Spirit Cooker Extrodinaire.  A little Blood a little ...




Now that was Fairly UnBalanced, wasn't it?

Not the least bit Bi-Polar either.

Da Liberals ... making the NDP

look like a better choice for over 50 years.